About Us

Nice Deer the Insurtech platform. was founded in 2022 to mix Technology, Insurance, and Finance services in one platform.


IT-Fusion Was
Established in 2005

IT fusion has been building and implementing software solutions for the health insurance industry.


IT-Fusion Developed
Ibn Sina Application in 2009

To enable healthcare insurance professionals to quickly build and continuously improve their business innovation functions that drive policy building and claims processing.

Nice Deer Platform
Was Created in 2018

A web-based insurance claim management system connecting MSPs to payers.

Nice Deer The Start-up
Was Founded in 2022

Now that IT fusion was able to connect insurance companies with medical service providers and TPA networks, & an InsurTech platform was introduced to close the loop and empower all industry stakeholders, including Doctors & Hospitals.

Nice Deer Mission

Our mission is to empower and enable all insurance industry stakeholders through technology and provide adequate tools to enable them to create innovative insurance products.


Nice Deer Vision

Our vision is to become the leading Insurtech platform for all insurance stakeholders.


At Nice Deer, we prioritize customer needs by providing customized, transparent, and user-friendly insurance services.


We leverage and analyze healthcare insurance data to assist stakeholders in making informed decisions. Insurtech relies heavily on data for risk assessment, pricing, and customer insights. Being data-driven is essential for the industry's success.



At Nice Deer, we leverage technology and innovation to disrupt traditional insurance platforms while staying at the forefront of industry trends and continuously improving our products and services.


At Nice Deer, we believe in being flexible and adaptable to achieve success in such a rapidly evolving industry.

Nice Deer


Commitment to excellence

A commitment to delivering the best and most advanced solutions to empower insurance



Nice Deer is dedicated to maintaining strict compliance with all laws and regulations involving business activities, and client information security



Nice Deer strive to offer the most innovative
solutions to customers.


Nice Deer goal is to introduce new insurance products to the Egyptian market to further empower the insurance industry, and enable beneficiaries.

Nice Deer

Our Team

Nice Deer

Our Team